Full information on Reliance Jio Free 4G Feature Phone

Reliance Jio Free 4G Feature Phone: Today is a special day for every common Indian. Do you know that jio has done something good like us and launched the JIO Phone in FREE. Today, we will give this complete information in this article from the specifications of the phone, how long will it be available to the common man and how will you get full information. In this phone you can do some free in the phone.

Jio has been serving free data, call, sms since last 1 year. But when Jio realized that people still do not have enough money to purchase 4G VoLte Supported phone. Then he made a phone that everyone can take in the free jio phone. You may also be thinking of buying this phone fast enough to buy. So, what is the delay in getting all the information about Jio Free Phone in this article?

Mukesh Ambani, who today unveiled a new phone in the Reliance Industries 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017. Whose price is like ‘0’ Free (1500 Prebooking time which is refundable). Just like the expensive 4G Smartphone, this phone is VoLTE enabled Feature Phone. Reliance Industries named this phone “India’s Smartphone”. There are plenty of features in this phone, such as Camera, SD Card Slot, 4 WAY Navigation, jio Cinema, Jio Films, FACEBOOK, and with a lot of stuff.

Ambani said a soft voice, when they came to know that 4G networks are everywhere, but still the price of smart phones could not be bought due to the cost of the phone. According to him, just about 500 million people are unable to join JIO due to these expensive smart phones. You must know that to use JIO 4G, a smart phone is necessary. That is why Reliance lunches a basic JIO Phone.

This phone is small but this phone supports 4G VoLte. Along with this you can also take advantage of these apps like Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Music This phone also supports Alphanumeric keypad, Micro Phone, Speaker and FM Radio. You can also run this phone through Voice Command and it supports all the languages. You can also use Internet in this phone. You will finally get this complete specification of this jio mobile phone.

How to Buy Jio Free Phone, Release Date and Phone Price
This phone will be available for testing on 15th August, for Beta Testing. And you can pre-book this Jio phone with 24 August. You just have to pay Rs-1500 / -, 1500 which will go back to you after 3 years when you return your Jio phone. You can also do this from the Pre-Booking MyJio mobile app or Jio Offline Store. The User who has pre-booked this phone will start getting it from Phone September. Those who will book first buy it first
Jio 4G Feature Phone Plans
 Users have to recharge Rs.1500 / – a month, which will include Free Voice, Unlimited data (500MB Per day) free sms and Jio apps. User can also recharge 309 in which you can play on your mobile screen with the above 153 plan, you can play it in your CRT TV. For this, you have to connect your mobile to your TV via a cable.

After 3 years, you can return your mobile to 1500 companies, so this phone is being called Free Phone. In whose budget, if the plans above are expensive, then there are two more small plans. A 24 that contains 2 days is all free and 54 you get all for 1 week. Ambani is the “DIGITALFREEDOM” from August 15 of the very important matter. Free voice call in all jio feature phones and Independent day for that day is India.

Jio 4G Feature Phone Full Specification
Keypad: – Alphanumeric Keypad
Navigation: -4 way navigation
Support: – SD card slot, Bluetooth, call history, Phone contact, Ringtone
Display Size: -2.4 “QVGA Display
Inside Box: -Battery and Charger, User Guide
Rear Camera: yes 2 Megapixel Rear camera
Front Camera: yes VGA
Internal Memory: 4 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Battery: 2000m
SIM: Dual SIM card
Apps: Jio apps
RingTone: Inbuilt
Microphone: yes
Speaker: yes
Headphone jack: yes
Torchlight: yes
FM Radio: yes
My last opinion on this article
I will say this thank you Jio, and we all want to say thank you to the rest of India. You have got all the information about jio phone And once you tell me you have to give only 1500 at the time of pre-booking. And after 3 years you can return the money by returning the mobile. Jio phone Full specification, jio phone Release date and how to buy this phone.


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